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Opencare’s ultimate tips and tricks for billing, claims, insurance verification, and more

Your bottom line matters more than ever. 2020 proved that the economy is volatile and cash flow isn’t always stable. There are many ways that you can maintain consistent cash flow for your dental practice, no matter what circumstances hit your dental practice. 

At Opencare, we reached out to our talented network of dentists, billing supervisors, and our Chief Financial Officer to compile some best practices for earning more for your dental practice.

We want to provide you with the best tips and resources to earn more for your practice during a time when cash flow is more important than ever.

What’s inside:

Chapter 1 | 8 reports your practice needs to help keep a pulse on your accounts receivable with insights from Una Hawthorne, Dental Claims Supervisor and Crystal King, Dental Claims Supervisor

Chapter 2 | Revenue cycle management for dentists with insights by Erin Godard, Director of Revenue Cycle Management at Opencare

Chapter 3 | How to optimize your office manager’s time, co-authored by the office team at Waterview Dental

Chapter 4 | Hidden costs of in-house insurance verification by Jian Yang, CFO/COO of Opencare

Chapter 5 | How much do patients really know about their insurance? Educating your patients to save your practice time and money

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Worry-free insurance verification

Opencare takes the guesswork and effort out of insurance verification.