How to write a business plan for your dental practice

Dental business plan

A business plan. Your practice simply has to have one. It’s going to lay out all the detailed information that helps you set your practice on the road to success. It’ll include market analysis, a marketing plan, competitive analysis, cash flow projections, and more.  In essence, a business plan allows you to track, monitor, and […]

4 tips to help improve your patient retention rate

Find your perfect dentist

Based on reports from the American Dental Association, the average new patient retention is 41%. Overall, dentists keep just 4 out of 10 new patients after their first appointment. Just a 10% improvement in these statistics would add thousands of dollars in revenue every year. So how do you improve dental patient retention? What kind […]

Dental marketing strategies: Strategic ways to attract new patients

attract new patients to your practice

No matter how tight of a ship you run at your dental office, attracting new patients will always be something on your radar. Whether you’re a veteran office or a brand new practice, it’s key to keep a consistent patient flow and build your patient base to grow your business. Let’s discuss how you can […]

Intro guide to social media for dentists: Where to start

social media for dentists

Today, offline and word-of-mouth marketing aren’t enough to grow your client base. Marketing practices have changed and social media has been a major driving force behind that. 36% of Americans have searched for a dentist through social media. 44% of them were happy to establish contact with dentists through social media. Dentists, like all professions, […]

Getting your dental practice on the digital map with SEO

What is SEO

For any dental practice, advertising is almost certainly a necessity. According to 2020 statistics, over 201,000 dentists are actively working in the US, so competition is steep. When you pair that with the high cost of office fees, equipment, and staffing, it can be a serious problem. That’s where SEO (search engine optimization) for dentists […]

How much do dental patients really know about their insurance coverage?

dental office technology

Few patients really understand dental insurance. And helping any patient understand more is no easy feat. Dental benefits are complicated. Every plan type varies from one insurance company to the other and many of them change annually. That’s why explaining dental insurance to patients is a top priority. Let’s discuss patient insurance literacy.  Make sure […]