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Chiropractic care is drug free treatment that uses comfortable manual therapy techniques to restore function of the nervous, muscular, and skeleton systems. Hands on therapy that allows you to get back to what you enjoy most in life... Chiropractic is a primary health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system. The effects of these disorders on general health and quality of life are the prime focus of a chiropractic doctor. The word chiropractic, from the Greek words praxis and cheir, means treatment by hand. Chiropractors pioneered the holistic approach to health care that is now so widely seen in North America. Chiropractic care works with the natural ability of the body to heal itself and does not include the use of drugs or surgery. Cornell Chiropractic Centre uses natural, evidence based, techniques that include: manual adjustments; gentle joint mobilizations; physical therapy; medical acupuncture; exercise instruction; nutrition advice; individualized posture tips; orthotic inserts and shoes; workstation ergonomic education; lifestyle modifications; and other patient education. 10 General Tips for a Healthy Back Exercise regularly. Follow a healthy diet. Maintain good posture as much as possible. Do an active warmup before activity and stretch after. Don't overload your backpack or shoulder bag. Stretch your legs and back after each hour of sitting. Never cradle the phone between your neck and shoulder. Sleep on your back or side, not on your stomach. Invest in a good chair, pillow and mattress. It's worth it! Have regular spinal check-ups. The primary goal of chiropractic adjustment, or manipulation, is to treat decreased movement in joints of the body. This lack of movement can create a reaction in surrounding tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves) resulting in pain, joint dysfunction, and muscular spasm. Back Problem Warning Signs Leg pain with numbness, tingling, and/or weakness. Back or leg pain with coughing or sneezing. Difficulty standing up after sitting for any period of time. Stiffness in the morning that decreases when you move around. Pain in your hip, buttock, thigh, knee, or foot. Inability to turn or bend to each side equally. Unbalanced posture, when your head, neck, or shoulder may be higher on one side than the other. Pain which prevents you from sleeping well. Pain that persists or worsens after 48 hours. Chiropractic treats your back pain by addressing the cause of the problem. Pointing clients in the right direction towards a healthy, pain free, and productive lifestyle is important to Cornell Chiropractic Centre.