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10212 5th Avenue Northeast, Suite 120, Seattle, Washington

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People come to see us from all age groups, from all occupations, all demographics, trying to manage all kinds of conditions, from car accidents, disc bulges, to wellness and prevention, or rehabilitation and conditioning. North Seattle Chiropractic provides the highest quality manual therapy available based on experience, evidence and established clinical guidelines. Dr. Congdon is a Northwest native, and has been practicing Chiropractic Medicine in Seattle since 2009. I develop care plans determined by data gathered from patient history, orthopedic, neurologic, and biomechanical evaluation. X-Ray is rarely needed, and long-term treatment plans are atypical. I'm proud to collaborate with colleages in both the Complementary as well as traditional Medical fields. Treatment seeks active patient involvement to optimize rapid and efficient resolution of symptoms. I encourage my patients to maintain an active, fit lifestyle to facilitate optimum outcomes. Chiropractic care involves traditional osseous manipulation in conjunction with manual therapy and directed home exercise programs. We offer Chiropractic, Soft Tissue, and Therapeutic Exercise, as well as limited passive Modalities, and are Board Certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and licensed by the Washington State Department of Health.

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