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5 years experience


Country Dental Toronto
396 Broadway Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Sun 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  
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Dr. How received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario, where she graduated with distinction and was awarded the Michael Brooke Award in Oral Medicine. She also holds an Honours Bachelor of Science from McMaster University. Upon graduation, Dr. How was accepted into the University of Toronto's General Practice Residency program at Sunnybrook Hospital, where she gained advanced post-graduate training and clinical experience. Dr. How has volunteered in London Ontario, as well as in rural Vietnam, providing dental care in underserved populations. She has also worked in remote First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. Gentle, informative, and meticulously detail oriented, Dr. How is dedicated to providing excellent patient care in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Dr. How strongly believes in lifelong learning, and continues to expand her knowledge and hone her skills by regularly attending dental courses and conferences. Outside of the office, Dr. How enjoys cooking, baking and visual arts. She is passionate about travelling and exploring places near and far.

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  • Reviewed on June 15th, 2021  •  Verified patient
    Awesome place, friendly staff, very comfortable cleaning
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  • Reviewed on May 17th, 2021  •  Verified patient
    I enjoyed my experience at Country Dental with Dr. How and Meg. Dr. How and Meg are very friendly and make visiting the dentist a pleasant experience.It was the the most thorough cleaning and exam I have ever had. I will be back and would very much recommend Dr. How and Meg.
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  • Reviewed on May 10th, 2021  •  Verified patient
    Dr. Maxine How is such a wonderful dentist! I had the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental office yesterday at Country Dental. It was my first time going to Country Dental. All of the receptionists I spoke with leading up to my appointment were so easy to speak to and went above and beyond to accommodate me. Rose at reception is so sweet and organized - she took the time to ensure I would be able to make it to my next appointment and helped me understand my insurance coverage. I really appreciated her patience and time she spent with me. Dr. How is such a personable and professional dentist. She is so friendly and relatable, and even made me laugh! She made me feel at ease and my nerves disappeared. There is a screen on the ceiling that was a great distraction while I was getting my exam and cleaning. Dr. How was very thorough and took the time to explain everything she was doing as she was doing it and made sure I was always comfortable. It was so easy to understand the information she was relaying to me about my oral health. I also appreciated that Dr. How did not try to sell me on any additional services I did not need. Dr. How’s assistant Stephanie was also so awesome and made sure Dr. How was able to complete the exam and cleaning so smoothly! I left with a clean mouth and a smile on my face. I’m so happy I found Country Dental and Dr. How, and for the first time in 30 years I am actually not dreading going back to the dentist. Rose, Dr. How, and Stephanie are such positive people and such a refreshing change to be around! I highly recommend visiting Dr. How, you will not regret it!
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