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With almost half a century of history, Summerhill Gardens Dental continues to stand out as one of the top dental services in the GTA! It began with the dental practice of Dr. Abe at his office located at the intersection of Avenue Road and Eglinton. We are proud to continue to aspire to Dr. Abe's high standards of care and practice - since 2002 at our new location near the Summerhill Subway Station. Dr. Abe remains our friend and our mentor. So many of the dental restorations placed by his skillful hands remain intact in the mouths of our patients, beating all the odds and scientific calculations. Enjoyable visits Few people enjoy a visit to a dentist, but I always enjoy my visits. It's true. I enjoy going to Summerhill Gardens Dental -- for three reasons: The first reason is Dr. Marika herself, who is a most attractive and personable woman. She is intelligent, informed, professional, concerned, dedicated, skilled, and lively. As well, she maintains her connection with the School of Dentistry at the University of Toronto as an instructor. This association is quite important -- she knows "what is going on" in dental theory and practice. The second reason is the personal and professional calibre of her assistants, notably Roxy. Manisha, and Monique, who are top-notch and very friendly. The third reason is the sense that I have that a group of people are dedicated to doing their best to make sure my "bite" is just right. And it is .... thanks to Dr. Marika and Summerhill Gardens Dental! - John Robert Colombo, Canadian writer Relief and repair Visits to the dentist are happy occasions for me. This may be unusual for many people, but going to the dentist for me means relief and repair! Dr. Marika has been endlessly kind and patient, as I go through adjustments to my dental work. For reasons of professional skill and personal concern, I would recommend Dr. Marika to all those people who have known what it is to dread going to the dentist. You will be happy with Dr. Marika! - Ruth Colombo, retired english professor

What makes your practice special when compared with others in the area?

As Dr. Marika continues to maintain her Invisalign Diamond + Provider status*, she is able to offer advantages to her valued patients, such as experience, the ability to treat the most complex cases utilizing clear-aligners, advanced training, and much more.

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