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Best of 2019 - Family Doctors in New York, NY

Here are the top family doctors in New York as rated by the New York community. These family doctors have received the best reviews and they are currently accepting new patients. Schedule your appointment today!

Karen Thornton, MD, PC Performing Arts Medicine and Family Practice

330 W 42nd St, Suite LOBBY, New York, NY 10036
Dr. Karen Thornton is an excellent board-certified New York doctor with specialties covering family medicine, women's health, and primary care practice. Aside from providing comprehensive diagnostic examinations and administering top-notch emergency medical and primary care interventions to the general population, this qualified New York physician is also committed to maintaining and elevating the health and well-being of performing artists.

Keith Berkowitz MD PC

425 Madison Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017
Center for Balanced Health is the top-ranking medical practice of Dr. Keith Berkowitz, one of the most sought-after New York physicians in the area. Merging the principles of family practice with complementary medicine, Dr. Berkowitz is able to deliver evidence-based therapeutic solutions to optimize care. Moreover, his New York clinic houses the most current diagnostic technologies and has a warm atmosphere for a totally pleasant experience.

Gary Ostrow, D O P.C

115 E 57th St, Suite 16, New York, NY 10022
Dr. Gary Ostrow is one of the top-level New York doctors today with an impressive New York doctor profile attached to his name. Dr. Ostrow's approach to healthcare is a combination of conventional and complementary medicine that highlights his specialties in family practice and osteopathic science. Dr. Ostrow goes beyond just treating the symptom. Rather, he makes sure that the holistic needs of the patients are successfully met.

A practicing family doctor New York patients rely on for superior healthcare services, Dr. Judith Ann Volpe presents superior therapeutic solutions for a wide array of acute and chronic conditions and highlights health promotion and disease prevention through proper education. Being one of the best doctors in New York, Dr. Volpe caters to clients of all ages and provides personalized assessment and treatment to advanced health care.

When looking for doctors across New York, patients shall never forget about Dr. Mahyar Eidgah, MD. This local professional is among the trusted medical doctors who have a good reputation for being extremely caring and responsible. He is affiliated with a couple of medical centers in New York. He does effective treatments of anxiety, depression, sexually transmitted disease, hypertension, and diabetes, among others.

With several decades of experience, Park Avenue Medical Professionals is still recognized for having highly positive doctor ratings in New York. It has a team of respectable family doctors in New York who make sure that every child, mother and father in the area would get quality health care solutions. Its local doctors use only proven mechanisms and innovative technology to facilitate the improvement of their patients' conditions.

Westside Family Medicine P

535 West 110th Street, New York, NY 10025
The New York physicians at Westside Family Medicine P offer a modern approach in providing treatments for infants, children, teenagers, and adults. These New York doctors provide a client-friendly environment and 24-hour phone support for clients who need their assistance. Their health services include same-day and urgent care as well as primary and women's health care. They can also travel to their clients' location.

LGI Vision + Health

15 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023
LGI Vision + Health is integrated, multidisciplinary, and full-service New York medical center with services spanning the whole scale of family medicine practice. With the support of a well-distinguished New York doctor with various areas of expertise, this family medical center support patients across all ages through preventive, curative, and emergency medical interventions performed under a caring and supportive environment.

Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan

119 West 57th Street, Suite 712, New York, NY 10019
Growing up in Queens, New York all my life I just knew that the best of everything was found in NYC! That is why I chose to practice in the heart of New York City, just below Central Park. If you want to provide the best healthcare in Manhattan, setting up where the best of everything is found only makes sense! I always strive to be the doctor that I would want to visit. When you walk into our office you know that you are in a great environment.

With an excellent New York doctor profile, Dr. Kamau Bandele Kokayi’s private practice focuses on bringing health education and awareness to his patients and community. Dubbed as one of the best doctors in New York, Dr. Kokayi offers a unique integrative perspective on health and wellness, based on intimate study and expertise in multiple disciplines. His practice now serves patients of diverse origins and concerns.

The Institute For Family Health is a New York medical center that will surely cater to all medical emergencies presented. As one of the largest community health centers in New York and with some of the leading doctors in New York City, this family clinic accepts all patients regardless of their age and community status. Delivering family medical practice at its best, this medical center serves over 85,000 patients annually.

Dr. Honore Lansen is a renowned New York doctor who aims to deliver high-quality, patient-centered primary health care targeted to the needs of patients from all walks of the life spectrum. A highly commended doctor in New York for years already, Dr. Lansen's practice is directed at helping clients get back to their best state of health the soonest time possible. Dr. Lansen's practice has constant excellent doctor reviews.

Over the years of family medical practice, Dr. Chloe Eliza Godwin has garnered the recognition as one of the best doctors New York has today. Dr. Godwin's practice is well known for the provision of client-centered and comprehensive New York family practice approaches. As a family physician, Dr. Godwin's practice targets the medical needs of patients of all ages. By utilizing proven health-care regimens, patient needs are met.

Providing constant medical education programs in addition to delivering excellent medical care, New York Family Practice is a New York medical center that has a great emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion. One of the leading and highly recommended New York clinics, this family practice clinic has been, through all the years, sincere in its dedication to deliver safe, cost-effective, and patient-centered family medical care.

The Institute For Family Health is a not-for-profit New York health organization that is manned by some of the best New York doctors in the field of family medicine. Serving the community, especially the underserved sectors, for more than three decades, this medical center New York patients can truly trust has been constantly aiming to deliver services that all patients, poor or rich, truly deserve.

Jin Qiu's Practice

141 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022
Dr. Jin Qiu is a New York doctor that has been in practice for 28 years. As a board-certified New York City doctor in the field of family medicine, Dr. Qiu's practice treats most family members from their illnesses, be it gastrointestinal, pulmonary, or cardiac problems. Dr. Qiu's practice aims to help patients achieve optimum wellness by making use of proven health-care solutions delivered with utmost professionalism.

Dr. Sandra Gilban is a well-recognized New York doctor affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Gilban's practice utilizes state-of-the-art health-care solutions in family care and is well known to offer well-rounded primary care. Dr. Gilban has been in practice for 31 years. As one of New York city doctors receiving excellent physician ratings constantly, Dr. Gilban's practice is highly considered by young and old patients alike.

Ramon E. Vado's Practice

229 West 97th Street, New York, NY 10025
Dr. Ramon Vado is one of the greatly commended doctors in New York who are trained to address the diverse health needs of children and families. A medical doctor with a sincere heart for all his patients' welfare, Dr. Vado's practice has been highly considered for more than four decades already. This doctor in New York City is regarded by his patients as smart, thoughtful, and highly professional.

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