Ask An Expert: Oral Wellness, Dentistry, and COVID-19

We know there is a lot of uncertainty in the climate of COVID-19. We want to provide you with expert answers and facts to any questions you have surrounding dentistry in the wake of the pandemic. Click here to follow us on Instagram to tune into our weekly series and get your chance to have a frontline doctor answer your questions about COVID-19.

Watch our past episodes of our expert AMA below:

Episode 1

Ask An Expert: Covid-19 and Oral Wellness with Dr. Natalie Archer

Ask an Expert: COVID-19 and Dentistry AMA with Dr. Natalie Archer from Opencare on Vimeo.

Episode 2

Ask An Expert: The Future of Dentistry in COVID-19 with Dr. Jeanie Luong

Ask an Expert: Instagram Live with Dr. Jeanie Luong from Opencare on Vimeo.

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