4 Secrets of Reopening Successfully

We’re incredibly excited to share Opencare’s first ever podcast episode with the dental community. We’ve recently had the chance to speak with one of America’s leading dental consultants, Scott Manning.

Scott Manning has dedicated nearly 20 years of his career to helping dentists across North America create successful businesses based around their values and goals - with a focus on transforming dental practices to maximize the degree to which dentists experience happiness, fulfillment, and of course, profits.

He’s the author of a dozen dental industry specific books, including The Dental Practice Shift: How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins That Sabotage Your Profit, Peace of Mind, and Production Growth and The Essential Elements of Dental Practice Differentiation.

In this episode, Scott and Cam Howieson (CEO of Opencare), discuss major topics on the minds of dentists across North America:

  • The impact of COVID on the dental industry
  • How to build your ‘practice of the future’ and treat this as an opportunity for your business
  • What the top doctors in America are focused on
  • Scott’s 4 secrets to reopening your practice successfully
  • The landscape of the dental industry in a post-COVID world

You can listen to or watch the podcast episode using one of the links below:

4 Secrets of Reopening Successfully from Opencare on Vimeo.

If you would like to get in touch with Scott, you can visit https://theinvincibledentalpractice.com/, where he provides a free 5 part training on coming back strong from COVID.

As always, if you’d like to get in touch with Opencare, please email prime@opencare.com.

Stay healthy,
Opencare Team