Find the top-rated physical therapists in Fort Worth

Cook Children's Rehabilitation Department

801 7th Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104
When wanting to ensure that children get the best and safest physical therapy care, let the leading and trusted Fort Worth physical therapy center do the job. A premier physical therapy clinic, Cook Children's Rehabilitation Department offers top-of-the-line services in physical therapy Fort Worth children can take advantage of. With the mission to help improve every child's health, this clinic utilizes safe and cutting-edge technologies.

Bentz Physical Therapy

1109 8th Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104
Headed by a certified and dedicated physical therapist Fort Worth is truly proud of, Bentz Physical Therapy offers well-rounded and comprehensive techniques and approaches when it comes to the provision of care for all physical therapy needs. Promoting innovative treatment regimens in physical therapy Fort Worth TX residents can take advantage of, this clinic is considered one of the leading providers of care for all musculoskeletal emergencies.

D Wellness LLC

6913 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76116
D Wellness LLC is a reputable Fort Worth physical therapy center that provides effective health and wellness services to its clients. This center has been providing high-quality physical therapy in Fort Worth for many years. The certified professionals at this studio can help their clients improve balance, increase body awareness, and boost their immune system, among others. Check out their good reviews.

Joanna Littler's Practice

3525 Furlong Way, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Joanna Littler is a physical therapist in Fort Worth. She helps various patients whether they may be young or old and makes sure they get the physical therapy treatments they deserve. This physical therapy in Fort Worth TX takes pride in their level of care for their patients. The physical therapy services are tailor-made for the patient to address their needs. Make an appointment to see this physical therapist.

B Well Physical Therapy

6913 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Suite 107, Fort Worth, TX 76116
A Fort Worth physical therapy facility that offers top-of-the-line services for all physical therapy needs, B Well Physical Therapy is grounded by the mission of providing the highest quality of care for musculoskeletal emergencies. Providing well-rounded and comprehensive approaches and treatment regimens in physical therapy Fort Worth Texas residents can avail of, this clinic is dubbed as one of the go-to clinics in Fort Worth, TX.

Premier Rehab

4120 Heritage Trace Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Premier Rehab is a Fort Worth physical therapy center that has been providing years of excellent and comprehensive services in physical therapy care. Manned by a line of professionals and headed by a certified and highly skilled physical therapist Fort Worth is truly proud of, this clinic is guided by the mission to provide high-quality approaches and treatment care plans every client greatly deserves.

Heritage Trace Physical Therapy

4364 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Suite 108, Fort Worth, TX 76244
When wanting to experience some of the best and unmatched physical therapy services, visit the leading and highly recommended Fort Worth physical therapy facility in the area. Heritage Trace Physical Therapy is headed by a dedicated and highly skilled physical therapist Fort Worth has today. With a welcoming and stress-free clinic environment, every patient's safety and utmost comfort are highly considered.

Kelli Besancon's Practice

11751 Alta Vista Road, Fort Worth, TX 76244
Heading a renowned and well-commended Fort Worth physical therapy facility, Kelli Besancon provides top-of-the-line services and approaches for all musculoskeletal emergencies. As a trusted and certified physical therapist in Fort Worth, Kelli Besancon's practice aims to promote unmatched and well-rounded techniques for all physical therapy needs. In addition, Kelli Besancon also utilizes cutting-edge technologies.

Stars Physical Therapy

1555 Merrimac Circle, Suite 103, Fort Worth, TX 76107
Stars Physical Therapy keeps patient health as its highest priority. This Fort Worth physical therapy clinic provides personalized care in a professional yet caring environment. The owners and expert therapists, Joe and Kathie Sahl, have over 40 years of bringing clients back to their top physical condition and full function. They also provide home programs to keep clients on track with their physical therapy in Fort Worth TX.

ProsthetiCare Fort Worth LP

6116 Oakbend Trail, Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76132
ProthetiCare has always delivered personalized care so a patient's recovery time would be as short as possible. This physical therapy in Fort Worth TX applies physical rehabilitation and orthotic and prosthetic devices. It also provides follow-up visits to ensure the patient's comfort. ProsthetiCare understands the urgency for their services, deliveries of prosthetic devices are on time and emergency telephone consultations are 24/7.

Pediatric Therapy Associates Of FW

2300 Gravel Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76118
Pediatric Therapy Associates of FW prove that Fort Worth physical therapy is not just for adults; children very much benefit from it as well. This premier physical therapy in Fort Worth TX helps children develop gross motor skills that allow them to function independently. This self-sufficiency leads to enjoyment and to play without difficulty or pain. The physical therapists here care deeply for kids and provide individualized treatment.

Premier Rehab Physical Therapy

2720 Western Center Blvd, Suite 312, Fort Worth, TX 76131
Premier Rehab Physical Therapy offers premier physical therapy in Fort Worth. They have made it a goal to provide the highest level of physical therapy for their patients. They offer comprehensive physical therapy for their patients, to better target the root cause of the problem. These services are deemed the best physical therapy in Fort Worth, Texas. The clinic is designed to make the patient comfortable during every visit.