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Caroline Taylor's Practice

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We are orthopaedic manual therapy specialists with a passion for our profession. We specialize in spine, sports, post surgical rehabilitation, women's health and running assessment. Therapeutic exercise and spinal stabilization training are integral to our treatment plans. Therapy sessions are all spent 1-on-1 with the treating physical therapist.

Providers at this location

Kathyrn Thornburg
Caroline Drye Taylor
Matthew Stephen Oravitz
Heather Davis
Jane Hodges
Mary Derrick
Deanna Savant
Elizabeth Jennings
Tomi Knutson, CMT
3409 Grand Avenue, Suite #7
Oakland, California
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1331 Grand Avenue
Piedmont, California
Island Braces
1740 Santa Clara Avenue
Oakland, California
John A. Lundin, Psy.D.
445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 202
Oakland, California
Roxanne Morse, Ph.D.
445 Bellevue Ave, Suite 101
Oakland, California
Daniel Main Counseling
445 Bellevue Avenue, Suite 203
Oakland, California
In Line Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Clinic
2100 Lakeshore Avenue, Suite E
Oakland, California
Emily Vincent's Practice
230 Grand Avenue, Suite 201
Oakland, California