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Let us help you find the perfect acupuncturist


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Our mission: Wellness without borders. Inspiring individuals, corporations, non profit groups worldwide to improve their total wellness and empower them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Inspiring our clients to live well and to enhance lives. We are dedicated to improving cellular health and well being through the creation of a global health alliance. Our vision: Taking Integrative Medicine, Biofeedback and the wellness message worldwide, to serve and empower individuals, corporations and non profits to reach their full potential and be well to increase profitability, productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve morale. We strive to have our workplace wellness programs to be the premier training for all fortune 500 companies worldwide. Our position: To work with individuals, non profits and corporations of like mind who are fiscally and environmentally responsible and accountable. To help people worldwide achieve wellness, improve quality of life and transform themselves to reach their full potential physically, mentally and emotionally. We are always looking for new leaders to join our wellness team who share our mission, vision and position. Contact us and email us your resume for the possibility of collaboration. Some of our existing & former Fortune 500 clients: Dofasco [Arcelor Metal], Hamilton, ON. Canada Honda, Alliston, ON Canada Cameco, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada RBC, Toronto, ON Canada Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto, ON Canada CIBC, Barbados, West Indies Bank of Montral, Woodbridge, ON Canada Amrican Express, Markham, ON Canada Government of St. Lucia, St. Lucia, West Indies. Transamerica Life Insurance, Toronto, ON Canada What we do worldwide: Wellness seminars, webinars, retreats for corporations, non-profits, and individuals worldwide. See Our Lunch & Learn Seminars section for major corporations worldwide. We custom design workplace wellness program to our clients based on needs assessment. We help our clients with natural solutions for high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, eczema, migraines, heart burn, and weight management, ADD using vitamins, minerals as well as herbal supplements, Pain Management, Massage Therapy and Biofeedback. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Providers at this location

Dr. George Grant
North Richmond Hill Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
10850 Yonge Street, Suite 2
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Polar Dental Centre - Yonge & Elgin Mills
10660 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Luna Dentistry Richmond Hill
10520 Yonge Street, Suite 7b
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Richmond Heights Dental Office
10520 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Yonge St. Smiles Dental Centre
11005 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Dr. Anthony Bastone Dentistry
10815 Bathurst St, Woodland Court Shopping Centre, Suite 26
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Hummingbird Dental Office
10376 Yonge Street, Suite 202
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Mill Pond Dental
10350 Yonge St, Suite 205
Richmond Hill, Ontario