8 reports you need to keep a pulse on your practice’s accounts receivable

Track AR reports for your practice

Getting and analyzing reports for dental practice accounts receivable is crucial to understanding the health of your practice. Medical billing reports are vital and arguably serve as the lifeblood of the practice’s cash flow.  Let’s look at the 7 reports for dental practice AR that’ll help you understand the health of your practice. 1) Patient […]

How much do dental patients really know about their insurance coverage?

dental office technology

Few patients really understand dental insurance. And helping any patient understand more is no easy feat. Dental benefits are complicated. Every plan type varies from one insurance company to the other and many of them change annually. That’s why explaining dental insurance to patients is a top priority. Let’s discuss patient insurance literacy.  Make sure […]

8 dental billing and coding tips to save you time (and money!)

As a dentist, you want to focus on providing excellent service to your patients, but you may find yourself neglecting certain administrative duties. That can lead you to leaving money on the table.  Dental billing is a critical part of your practice. When you can’t effectively bill clients and collect payments, you’re not making money. […]

Where to start when starting a dental practice

starting a dental practice

If you’re a fresh graduate, working out of another dentist’s office, you might be wondering what it takes to open a dental practice of your own. As your own boss, striking out to forge your way is a big decision with a major bearing on your professional success. As such, we’ve created a handy guide, […]

How technology can improve your dental practice

dental office technology

Running a dental practice isn’t easy. From new customer acquisition to meeting regulatory requirements, running a dental practice can be a balancing act. Dental office technology can help. We’ve compiled a list of 5 technology for dentists examples that can lighten your load throughout various areas of your business.  Marketing  Knowing how to attract patients […]

How to optimize dental benefits before year-end

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to dental care. While this applies to flossing and brushing, this mindset is also relevant to use your dental benefits. Learn how to optimize your dental benefits by the end of the year.

Guide to Dental Practice Loans

What is covered by dental insurance

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing your business goals to life. Whether you want to start your own dental practice, pivot your dental offerings by investing in new technology, renovate your current practice, or need to access cash flow quickly, there are several dental practice loans that would be helpful. So let’s break down some […]

Smart ways to earn more for your practice

Dentistry practice management: How to care for your office

We know, now more than ever, that every dollar counts. There are many ways to make your practice more efficient by unlocking revenue you didn’t know you had. We’re here to support you with tips and tricks for dentists and office staff to help boost your practice’s financial health. What’s covered → Performing a financial […]