How to get dental insurance

How to get dental insurance

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), nearly half of adults admit that they haven’t kept up regular trips to the dentist. Why? Because of the cost.It’s true that dental procedures like root canals, cavities, and even simple cleanings aren’t cheap these days, with out-of-pocket costs easily running into the thousands. This is where dental […]

Hidden costs of in-house insurance verification

Why in-house insurance verification might cost you more in the long run

Running a dental office requires multi-tasking. From acquiring new patients to negotiating an office lease and managing your employees – there are a myriad of challenges involved. Effective management of these activities can put your practice on the road to success, but how do you do that? These aren’t typically skills taught in dental school, […]

Dental insurance FAQs answered

dental insurance FAQs

How much does dental insurance cost? What does dental insurance cover? Who will accept my insurance? We break down and answer the most frequently asked questions about dental insurance coverage the United States.

What dental procedures are typically covered by insurance? Let’s break it down

What is covered by dental insurance

In America and Canada, dental insurance coverage is quite pervasive. In fact, about 80% of Americans have either private insurance (172 million) or enjoy publicly funded dental benefits (87.6 million).  But how many people actually understand how insurance works? Have you ever asked yourself “what is covered by my dental insurance?” Are you taking full […]

How to write a business plan for your dental practice

Dental business plan

A business plan. Your practice simply has to have one. It’s going to lay out all the detailed information that helps you set your practice on the road to success. It’ll include market analysis, a marketing plan, competitive analysis, cash flow projections, and more.  In essence, a business plan allows you to track, monitor, and […]

4 tips to help improve your patient retention rate

Find your perfect dentist

Based on reports from the American Dental Association, the average new patient retention is 41%. Overall, dentists keep just 4 out of 10 new patients after their first appointment. Just a 10% improvement in these statistics would add thousands of dollars in revenue every year. So how do you improve dental patient retention? What kind […]

How to optimize your office manager’s time

maximize your office manager's time

Every dental practice staff member knows the true lynchpin of the operation is the office manager.  This multi-skilled superstar must keep on top of the day-to-day running of the business, manage a team of disparate individuals, keep stock levels up to date, check insurance claims are being pursued in a timely manner and keep an […]