Find the top-rated optometrists in New York

Hakim R. Serhrouchni's Practice

10 Sheridan Square, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10014
For a state-of-the-art New York eye care center, visit Dr. Hakim R. Serhrouchni's Practice. Using leading-edge technology and the incomparable skill precision and expertise of its New York optometrist, this vision center delivers an array of services ranging from comprehensive vision evaluation to provision of glasses prescription, contact lens fitting, and evaluation and management of ocular diseases, among others.

Dr. Ivona L. Kulusic, OD

2058 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10035
Dr. Ivona L. Kulusic, OD is an optometrist in New York who is dedicated to providing the patients with excellent eye care. In this eye clinic in New York, the visit starts with a comprehensive eye exam. The eye doctor assesses and properly evaluates the patients to give the best action plan. His eye clinic is considered one of the best in the area because of the service they give and the environment is very comfortable for the patient.

LGI Vision + Health

15 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023
LGI Vision + Health is a New York eye clinic that has been providing well-rounded and research-based care for those looking for an eye doctor in New York City. Manned by a team of highly skilled eye care professionals, this optometric center of New York takes pride in its provision of only high-quality treatment services via state-of-the-art technologies. With a relaxing clinic environment, the patient's comfort is always considered.

Maureen C O’Dwyer, OD

136 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022
With the latest technology and treatment options, Maureen C O’Dwyer, OD provides the highest level of New York optometric services in town. Dr. Maureen is a trained and conscientious optometrist in New York who uses the most up-to-date knowledge and equipment. She has conducted several years of vision-related laboratory investigation in the areas of visual pathway and spatial relations and has been providing vision care for many years.

Michael’s Optical

1153 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10065
New York eye care specialist and his tremendous staff at Michael's Optical ensure complete eye care optometry with all the services they provide. Both optometrist and staff are trained in eye diseases and disorders like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and hypertension affecting the eye or vision. This New York eye clinic boasts of their own lab so eyeglass prescriptions can be done while the client waits.

Mui Eye Care Optometry, PLLC

139 Centre Street, Suite 722, New York, NY 10013
A renowned New York eye center, Mui Eye Care Optometry, PLLC offers evidence-based approaches when it comes to eye care. With a New York eye doctor that makes sure every client is given the proper and appropriate care, this clinic also ensures that all clients are seeing the right eye care professional for their needs. Services offered include but are not limited to, eye exams, vision care, eye test, and dispensing corrective eyewear.

Richard S. Kavner, O.D.

245 East 54th Street, New York, NY 10022
For a top-rated optometrist New York patients can lean on, choose Dr. Richard S. Kavner. Dr. Kavner is a well-recognized eye doctor with a mission of upholding the highest standards of vision care. In Dr. Kavner's New York optometry practice, patients with eye concerns are treated using state-of-the-art technological innovations, and they are provided with services such as eye exams, glasses prescription, management of eye diseases, etc.


34-18 Broadway, New York, NY 11106
Vardiman Eyewear is a cutting-edge, full-service New York optometric boutique answering the needs of patients with various eye concerns. This eye center of New York features a wide array of ocular solutions starting with an all-encompassing eye exam, followed by evaluation and management of ocular disorders, foreign body removal, eyeglass prescriptions, and contact lens fitting, to list a few of its services.

Adam Hayes Gardner's Practice

2770 Broadway, New York, NY 10025
Dr. Adam Hayes Gardner is a well-acknowledged New York eye doctor providing the best of optical care to patients from all walks of life. Dr. Gardner's New York optometry practice delivers top-of-the-line services anchored on the highest standards of care which include an all-encompassing eye test, on-trend but high-quality eyeglass prescriptions, contact lens fitting, and assessment and management of eye disorders.

Eyes On The World Of Lexington

645 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Headed by a highly skilled and well commended eye doctor New York is truly proud of, Eyes On The World Of Lexington, a New York eye clinic, provides top-of-its-class techniques and treatment care plans in eye care. This clinic also promotes well-regarded services in diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye through the use of therapeutic and topical diagnostic drugs. So for that next eye exam, go to the leading specialist in eye care.

Kips Bay Optical Ltd

612 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10016
Headed by a certified and highly skilled eye doctor in New York, Kips Bay Optical Ltd offers top-of-the-line services when it comes to comprehensive eye care. This optometric center of New York makes sure that all client goals are addressed and regarded appropriately. With state-of-the-art technologies for vision care and other treatments for the eye, this clinic is able to deliver its services in a timely and efficient manner.

Westside Vision Associates

156 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001
Westside Vision Associates prides itself in delivering the very best of New York optometry practice and is steadfast in its mission of exceeding patients' expectations. With an optometrist New York City clients prefer for exceptional services, this center emerges as a top eye specialist that features inclusive eye diagnostics, treatment of eye infections, eyeglass prescriptions, and contact lens fitting.

European Optical Corp.

33 West 32nd Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10001
A premier New York eye center that provides highly commended services including dispensing corrective eye wear and eye exam New York residents can take advantage of, European Optical Corp. has been providing years of high-quality treatment techniques for all eye needs. With its state-of-the-art technologies, services are delivered in an efficient and appropriate manner, ensuring that all patient goals are addressed and regarded accordingly.

Eyeglass Factory on Broadway

83-19 Broadway, New York, NY 11373
Eyeglass Factory on Broadway offers quality prescription eyewear and contact lenses at affordable prices. A premier New York eye center, patients can be assured of professional vision care with every visit. Each consultation endeavors to serve customers with accurate solutions to their eyewear needs. This New York optometrist provides the highest quality eye care products with genuine and straightforward service.

Revolution Eyes

82 West Broadway, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10007
A premier New York optometry facility, Revolution Eyes offers patient-centered treatment regimens for all eye emergencies. Guided by the core mission to provide only the best services such as vision care and optometrist eye exam New York City patients can avail of and with a highly skilled and dedicated optometrist, this clinic makes sure that high-quality products are offered to clients, helping clients achieve the best in eye care.

Neil S. Schafran's Practice

87 Nassau Street, New York, NY 10038
A well-regarded and New York eye care doctor, Dr. Neil Schafran offers patient-centered and well-managed treatment regimens for all eye emergencies. A trusted eye doctor New York City patients can put their trust on, Dr. Schafran's practice makes sure that only high-quality services are delivered to all clients by using state-of-the-art technologies. With superior eye doctor reviews, clients are assured of excellent services.

Stephanie Yunsun Park's Practice

28 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10001
Dr. Stephanie Yunsun Park is a trusted and well-commended New York optometry specialist who offers well-rounded and comprehensive treatment regimens for all eye emergencies. A renowned and highly recommended eye clinic New York has today, Dr. Park's practice is considered one of the leading when it comes to the management of eye cases. Services offered include, but not limited to, eye exam and vision care.