Find the top-rated physiotherapists in Ottawa

For top-quality physiotherapy in Ottawa, visit the Yolates Rehab. This physiotherapy centre boasts highly-trained physiotherapists who will be able to offer different kinds of sports therapy and rehabilitation to support the care that you need. The clinic also offers a wide range of services of every member of the family, whether you are looking for paediatric therapy for your baby, or sports physiotherapy for yourself.

Active Health Institute

2900 Woodroffe Avenue, Suite 6B, Ottawa, ON K2J 4G3
Ottawa sports physiotherapy has never been more convenient since the Active Health Institute opened its doors. It is a family physiotherapy clinic that is staffed by highly-trained physiotherapists, and offers a wide selection of different physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments. One of the clinic's specialties is sports therapy, which is designed to help alleviate pain and lessen back injuries for athletes and people with active lifestyles.

Vijay Sharma Physiotherapy

440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON K1R 7X6
Vijay Sharma is one of the well-known Ottawa Physiotherapy clinics with a wide array of professional services and treatments. It is being handled by registered physiotherapist, Vijay Sharma, who specializes in treating a variety of orthopaedic conditions, from muscle, joint, lower back and neck pain to sports injuries. In addition, this physiotherapy in Ottawa takes pride in providing its clients with one-on-one sessions.

St. Mary Physiotherapy Centre

2010 Trim Rd, Suite 10, Ottawa, ON K4A 0G4
In Ottawa, those who are looking for a high-quality sports injury clinic should visit the St. Mary Physiotherapy Centre. This clinic has some of the best physiotherapists in Ottawa who specialize in sports physiotherapy and family physiotherapy. Accredited by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the clinic offers different services in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Every member of the family can benefit from physical therapy.

Evercare Health Centre

1316 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L1
Looking for physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa? Petra Health Centre specializes in physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, chiropody, acupuncture and nutrition. Petra houses a number of skilled and dedicated practitioners to assist with your physical rehabilitation. More so, the centre will use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment to help identify impairment of one body region that can adversely affect another area.

Pro Physio Riverside Court

3635 Rivergate Way, Ottawa, ON K1V 2A4
Pro Physio Riverside Court is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa. Here to assist you is Paul Colebrook, who is the Clinic Manager, together with his 18 staff. With these Ottawa physiotherapists, you can expect to be provided with all your rehabilitation and injury needs. They offer physiotherapy services for various cases like vehicular accidents, general injuries, and sports injuries.

MapleCare Physiotherapy Clinic & Neuro Rehab Centre

1173 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y9
Years of experience has made MapleCare Physiotherapy Clinic the primary physiotherapy in Ottawa. Physiotherapist in Ottawa Mona Kalra is highly dedicated to the well-being of her clients. Therapy begins with shared goals between the client and the physiotherapist. The clinic can be easily located in the Ottawa downtown area and caters to an array of conditions including orthopaedic, neurological and geriatric-related problems.

Laura Lunn Physiotherapy

471 Tillbury Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2A 0Y6
Look no further in searching for a dynamic and dedicated physiotherapy in Ottawa. Laura Lunn welcomes everyone to her Ottawa physiotherapy clinic focusing on rehabilitative care, home care and long-term care. She offers customized physiotherapy treatment for a broad range of acute and chronic conditions that may require bed rest. Lunn also provides treatment techniques tailored to each individual's requirement.

ABM Physiotherapy

151 Slater St., Suite 307, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H3
An exceptional Ottawa physiotherapy clinic, ABM provides physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, myofascial release, and ergonomics. Each registered physiotherapist uses a combination of different modalities to help patients return to an active life. Also available for treatments are sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, bursitis, planter fasciitis, disc problems, and whiplash.

TMJ Physiotherapy Clinic

1335 Carling Avenue, Suite 550, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8N8
One of the leading professional physiotherapy centres in Ottawa, TMJ Physiotherapy Clinic centers on normalizing muscle tension and controlling or eliminating TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction. All four physiotherapists (Daniel Gagne, Catherine Fleury-Amireault, Shane Maley, and Christine Ziade) available to attend to patients are graduates of the University of Ottawa and are recognized advanced trainers in TMJ.

Pro Physio Montreal Road

150 Montreal Rd., Suite 108, Ottawa, ON K1L 8H2
Pro Physio and Sports Medicine Centres, considered as one of the largest and the leading physiotherapy and rehabilitative services provider in the Ottawa region is owned and managed by a physiotherapist. This clinic is an Ottawa Physio that offers the best techniques in physiotherapy in Ottawa. Pro Physio is the top choice for all physiotherapy and rehabilitation cases, especially for active individuals who aim to be always on top of their game.

Haley Rehab

1902 Robertson Road, Suite 200A, Ottawa, ON K2H 5B8
Haley Rehab is a premier and professional physiotherapy Ottawa clinic highly specialized in lymphedema management and cancer rehabilitation. Each physical therapist is highly trained to provide a holistic and collaborative care with the primary focus on prevention. It also offers exceptional services spanning pre-op/post-op physio, proactive care, and palliative care, all aiming to reduce pain, improve mobility and enhance total well-being.

Whole Therapy

2650 Queensview Drive, Suite 212, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K1
Whole Therapy is a multi-disciplinary Ottawa physiotherapy clinic that specializes in a wide array of health and wellness treatments and services. As a specialist in physiotherapy in Ottawa, this clinic houses various top professionals from registered massage therapists, Reiki masters, chiropractors, and so much more. They take pride in helping clients rehabilitate faster in the same way that they provide quality care.

Pro Physio Bank

1695 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z3
Offering the best techniques in Ottawa physiotherapy, Pro Physio Bank is equipped with the latest technology and practices well-researched approaches for all physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs. Pro Physio Ottawa also has a team of the leading physiotherapists who are certified to provide treatments for all physiotherapy cases. From sports injuries to work-related cases, Pro Physio Bank is here to assist, treat and maintain.

Pro Physio Crown Pointe

900 Walters Road, Suite 12, Ottawa, ON K4A 3R1
At its pro physio Ottawa clinic, Pro Physio Crown Pointe offers premier services centered on making accessible active physiotherapy and rehabilitation services within and around the area. Using updated knowledge and current trends with the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, this facility features a wide array of therapeutic options including, but not limited to, manual therapy, active release techniques, and intramuscular stimulation.

Professional Physiotherapy Centres

1695 Bank St, Suite 202, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z3
This clinic is one of the well-known Ottawa Physiotherapy clinics with a wide array of professional services and treatments. It is being handled by registered physiotherapist who specializes in treating a variety of orthopedic conditions, from muscle, joint, lower back and neck pain to sports injuries. In addition, this physiotherapy in Ottawa takes pride in providing its clients with one-on-one sessions.

The Sports Therapy Clinic

Carleton Carleton University Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
The Sports Therapy Clinic is a top-rated sports physiotherapy Ottawa facility highly specialized in treating acute and chronic sports injuries as well as orthopedic traumas. Through skill precision and advanced clinical knowledge, it assists patients to quickly and effectively return to their active lifestyle through all-inclusive therapeutic methods such as manual therapies, corrective exercises, core stabilization, and strength training.

Back on Track Physio - Hunt Club

380 Hunt Club Road, Suite 107, Ottawa, ON K1V 1C1
Where strong and lasting relationships are maintained, Back on Track Physio - Hunt Club, an Ottawa physiotherapy center offers extensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for all physiotherapy cases. Providing techniques on family physiotherapy in Ottawa and believing only in the high standard of care and service, this physiotherapy center promotes the best in quality care when it comes to physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.

TMJ Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

1335 Carling ave., Suite 550, Ottawa, ON K1N 8N8
An established and trusted Ottawa physiotherapy center, TMJ Physiotherapy and Osteopathy has been in the business for over 17 years, making it one of the most visited and recommended centers in the Ottawa region. Conveniently located, clients will have no problem looking for the best family Physio in Ottawa. This clinic takes pride in its treatment of temporomandibular dysfunctions, migraines, and neck pains.

Pro Physio Greenbank

139 Greenbank Rd., Suite 104, Ottawa, ON K2H 9A5
Those wanting to employ the services of the topmost physiotherapist Ottawa has today will find the answer in Pro Physio Greenbank, one of the top-performing physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa. Its pool of registered physical therapists provides cost-effective and top-quality modalities to address various musculoskeletal conditions and prevent further injury occurrences. Moreover, each patient is assessed judiciously and treated holistically.

Integrate - Healthcare Collective

102 Lewis Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0S7
An Ottawa physiotherapy facility, Ottawa Chiropractic and Collaborative Care offers holistic treatments for all client complaints. From physiotherapy and chiropractic services to massage and yoga exercises, this clinic promotes a collaborative approach, promoting wellness and a balanced lifestyle for every client. This center also provides services in neurological physiotherapy in Ottawa, making it a recommended physiotherapy center.

Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic

1335 Carling Avenue, Suite 602, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8N8
Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic (SSIC) has Ottawa physiotherapists who specialize in sports-related injury recovery, care of recurring back and neck pain, sprains, strains, tendonitis, accident recovery, post-surgical recovery treatments, and repetitive injury recovery. This clinic also has a Sports Medicine Doctor. This Ottawa Physiotherapy clinic maintains the highest standard of care through the continuous​ training of its doctors and staff.

Restore: Chiropractic | Massage | Physical Therapy

120 Ross Ave., Suite 122, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0N5
Providing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for all musculoskeletal complaints, Restore: Chiropractic | Massage | Physical Therapy is an Ottawa physiotherapy center that offers a multidisciplinary approach for all cases. This clinic promotes the best when it comes to physical therapy in Ottawa, in addition to massage exercises and chiropractic services. A recipient of the patients' choice award, this is surely the go-to clinic.

Pro Physio Holland Cross

1620 Scott St., Ottawa, ON K1Y 4S7
Pro Physio Holland Cross is a leading physiotherapy Ottawa downtown clinic dedicated to providing the best of services in physical therapy and rehabilitation. With professional and highly skilled clinicians at its team, this facility introduces a line of prime physiotherapy, rehab, and sports medicine therapeutic options to patients suffering from acute or chronic bouts of various orthopedic and sports injuries.

Pro Physio Capital Sport

267 O'Connor St., Suite 101, Ottawa, ON K2P 1V3
Pro Physio Capital Sport is a highly recommended physiotherapy downtown Ottawa center and is the physiotherapy Ottawa clinic of choice for varied musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. It offers a full range of premier services in core physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports therapy. Patients are treated in a warm and up-to-date environment using only safe, effective, and evidence-based methods and techniques.

Ortho-Sport Physiotherapy

1 Raymond Street, Ottawa, ON K1R
Belonging to the top-performing physiotherapy clinics Ottawa has today, Ortho-Sport Physiotherapy is an Ottawa physio-centralized wellness studio committed to bringing excellence in care and practice to patients suffering from orthopedic dysfunctions, especially those affecting athletes. Through physio sports skill precision and updated knowledge, its clinicians are able to assist athletes, even non-athletes, achieve maximum mobility.

Parkdale Physiotherapy & Sports Injury

1081 Carling Avenue, Suite 508, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4G2
When keeping on top is tough, go to the leading Ottawa physiotherapy center. A premier provider of physiotherapy services, Parkdale Physiotherapy and Sports Injury provides skillful and appropriate techniques to address all client complaints. Considered as one of the trusted professional physiotherapy centers in Ottawa, this clinic not only promotes effective treatments but also ensures the patient's safety.

Pro Physio Cedarview

4100 Strandherd Dr., Suite 10, Ottawa, ON K2J 0V2
When in search for the recommended Ottawa physiotherapy center, Pro Physio Cedarview is the go-to clinic for all musculoskeletal cases. Offering collaborative, hands-on services for every client, Pro Physiotherapy Ottawa ensures that all objectives of care are met and, if possible, regarded beyond expectations. This clinic also takes pride of its state-of-the-art technologies and top-of-the-line services.

Optimal Physiotherapy Clinic

1105 Carling Avenue, Suite 205, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4G5
If in search for an Ottawa physiotherapy center that considers a client's total recovery as the heart of care, Optimal Physiotherapy Clinic is the right place to be. Dubbed as one of the leading physiotherapy clinics in Ottawa, this center offers personalized, well-rounded approaches through state-of-the-art technologies. This clinic also has a team of professional experts that not only promote but also maintain every client's optimal health.

Pro Physio March Road

836 March Road, Ottawa, ON K2W 0C9
A center for physiotherapy in Ottawa, Pro Physio March Road promotes hands-on, individualized approaches for all clients. This clinic is an Ottawa physio center that considers a client's general lifestyle to properly and collectively assess every client condition. This clinic also has a physiotherapy assistant that encourages and helps in the promotion of total wellness. It not only supports but also empowers clients to achieve goals.

Apollo Physical Therapy Centres

2310 Street Laurent Blvd, Suite 106, Ottawa, ON K1G 5H9
When considering the best in physio services, go to an Ottawa physiotherapy center at Apollo Physical Therapy Centers. Here clients are provided with a unified, personalized care for all their musculoskeletal complaints. With a team of well-rounded experts, this Ottawa physio center offers the best in quality when it comes to physiotherapy services. This clinic also encourages active participation from clients in achieving their health goals.