Find the top-rated psychologists in Seattle

Carrie S. Thomas's Practice

200 1st Ave W, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98119
Dr. Carrie S. Thomas, a Seattle psychologist, has been an expert in clinical psychology. Her Seattle psychological services are done effectively in a personalized approach when dealing with depression, anxiety, and personality growth, among others, No patient is faced with treatment that is not appropriate to them. Dr. Thomas always finds ways to help patients achieve their goals in the best way she can. People leave satisfied with her care.

Anil Coumar, MA

2113 Northeast 65th Street, Seattle, WA 98115
Anil Coumar, MA gives his patients the opportunity to a deeper understanding of themselves. This Seattle psychologist works with his patients develop a clearer idea of how their minds work and to use this knowledge to lessen and eradicate their psychological suffering. His Seattle psychological services include couple therapy, family counseling, and individual consultation, assessment, and supervision.

Carolyn Elizabeth Mangelsdorf's Practice

3123 Fairview Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102
Among the accomplished and experienced psychologists in Seattle, Dr. Carolyn Elizabeth Mangelsdorf focuses on teaching her clients how to navigate life to optimize growth, satisfaction, and power, as well as minimize unnecessary suffering. This Seattle psychologist offers couples therapy and marriage counseling in a warm, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere. She puts an emphasis on doctor–patient relationship to provide excellent services.

Dr. Jenna J. Yun, PHD

2400 Northeast 95th Street, Seattle, WA 98115
Dr. Jenna J. Yun, PHD is a psychologist in Seattle who specializes in 6 areas namely, attention deficit disorder / attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder / manic depressive disorder, depression, insomnia, schizophrenia and sleep disorders. As a Seattle psychologist, she aims to help her patients in the best way she can through counseling services and other clinical psychology methods.

Joseph W. Rutte's Practice

927 North Northlake Way, Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98103
When looking for a psychologist that can help in any of life's difficulties, Joseph W. Rutte's Practice, a psychologist in Seattle is the answer. His expertise involves the application of the Jungian depth analysis. He has honed his expertise over the years to help troubled patients. The team at his psychologist office imbues courtesy, compassion and quality service. As a clinical psychologist, he offers professional counseling services for all.

Susan Holliday PhD Clinical Psychologist

4026 Northeast 55th Street, Seattle, WA 98105
Dr. Susan Holiday has a Seattle psychology clinic that has gained the trust of patients in guiding them towards growth and change. This opportunity to change can only be achieved if the patient is fully cooperative with Dr. Holiday. She is one of the Seattle psychologists who pays attention to patients and bonds with them. This is done to get a better handle on their goals. This psychologist can deal with depression, anxiety, and the like.

Robert Strazicich's Practice

4510 Thackeray Place Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105
Dr. Robert Strazicich, Psy.D. has that the experience of 20 years in clinical psychology. He's had his own practice for around 18 years, gathering extensive and practiced experience in several types of treatment. This Seattle psychology clinic offers services including relationship issues, depression, and anxiety. This psychologist in Seattle also specializes in personal and identity development, career issues, and the like.

Harry Ariel Atlas's Practice

1818 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 122, Seattle, WA 98109
Dr. Harry Ariel Atlas from a famous Seattle psychology clinic has earned the respect from numerous patients in the twenty-six years he's been practicing clinical psychology. This Seattle psychologist has committed himself to providing excellent client care and treatment. Dr. Atlas uses cognitive therapy, Gestalt, and Psychodynamic Relational Therapy, among other approaches, to appropriately deal with his patient's issues.

Mary A. McGonigle, Ph.D. Practice

2033 Minor Avenue East, Suite 8, Seattle, WA 98102
One of the Seattle psychologists who shows exceptional skill in treating cases such as depression, anxiety, and grief, among other emotional distresses, is Dr. Mary A. McGonigle, Ph.D. Although dealing with patients' emotional distress is her specialty, Dr. McGonigle is also capable of guiding individual growth. All of this is for the betterment of each patient's life. This Seattle psychologist's goal is to help patients reach a happier life.

Keith Sonnanburg's Practice

1818 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 122, Seattle, WA 98109
Dr. Keith Sonnanburg of a famous Seattle Psychology clinic can help patients change. This Seattle psychologist uses clinical psychology to instill change in one's thoughts, actions, habits, and relationships. With two offices in WA, Dr. Sonnanburg shares his talents with patients of different ages. His welcoming attitude has won him Patient's Choice of 2015, further confirming his selfless service and devotion to his patients.

John Schwab Ph.D.

600 1st Avenue, Suite 401, Seattle, WA 98104
Dr. John Schwab, Ph.D. is a licensed Seattle psychologist for over fifteen years. He specializes in couples therapy, but also works well with individual adults, adolescents, and children. Dr. Schwab is ready to commit to his patients, as long as his patients are ready to do the same. As one of the best Seattle psychologists, he assures that healing and improvement may come if the patient shows as much dedication to their goals as he does.

Carol Janet Henry's Practice

2025 1st Ave, Suite 735, Seattle, WA 98121
Dr. Carol Janet Henry takes extra measures to ensure that her patients get only the best she can provide. This clinical psychologist in Seattle specializes in couples therapy and dealing with individuals experiencing depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety, among others. Dr. Henry's treatments are all tried and tested, and proven to be effective. This Seattle psychologist believes that growth is a lifelong process that leads to a happy life.

Carol Griffin Jung's Practice

1325 4th Avenue, Suite 1345, Seattle, WA 98101
Carol Griffin Jung has given around twenty-five years of her life to the Seattle community, and she continues to do so because she believes in the capacity of Seattle psychology to help any individual. Going to a clinical psychologist may be an uncomfortable experience, but with Dr. Jung, patients feel relaxed enough to share their troubles and insecurities. This Seattle psychologist makes sure to create a comfortable environment.

Jacqueline Wendy Leibsohn's Practice

226 Summit Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102
Seattle is home to the renowned psychologist, Dr. Jacqueline Wendy Leibsohn. This Seattle psychologist is knowledgeable in treating different cases. Her Seattle psychological services include treating depression, anxiety, and even just self-discovery. Dr. Leibsohn is capable of handling whatever comes her way in a professional and expert manner. She believes in taking this journey to the psyche with patients results in a happier life.

Katherine Weissbourd's Practice

911 Western Avenue, Suite 507, Seattle, WA 98104
Katherine Weissbourd has been known as an excellent Psychologist in Seattle. After years of serving this community, Dr. Weissbourd has changed the lives of many patients in her Seattle psychology clinic. Her specialty is clinical psychology--being able to treat depression and anxiety, grief, and other issues. Trust in Dr. Weissbourd as so many have before. She collaborates with each patient to reach a reasonable personal goal.