How to get dental insurance

How to get dental insurance

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), nearly half of adults admit that they haven’t kept up regular trips to the dentist. Why? Because of the cost.It’s true that dental procedures like root canals, cavities, and even simple cleanings aren’t cheap these days, with out-of-pocket costs easily running into the thousands. This is where dental […]

Dental insurance FAQs answered

dental insurance FAQs

How much does dental insurance cost? What does dental insurance cover? Who will accept my insurance? We break down and answer the most frequently asked questions about dental insurance coverage the United States.

What dental procedures are typically covered by insurance? Let’s break it down

What is covered by dental insurance

In America and Canada, dental insurance coverage is quite pervasive. In fact, about 80% of Americans have either private insurance (172 million) or enjoy publicly funded dental benefits (87.6 million).  But how many people actually understand how insurance works? Have you ever asked yourself “what is covered by my dental insurance?” Are you taking full […]

How much do dental patients really know about their insurance coverage?

dental office technology

Few patients really understand dental insurance. And helping any patient understand more is no easy feat. Dental benefits are complicated. Every plan type varies from one insurance company to the other and many of them change annually. That’s why explaining dental insurance to patients is a top priority. Let’s discuss patient insurance literacy.  Make sure […]

How to optimize dental benefits before year-end

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to dental care. While this applies to flossing and brushing, this mindset is also relevant to use your dental benefits. Learn how to optimize your dental benefits by the end of the year.