A chiropractor is a health care provider that practices the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromuscularskeletal impairments. Common treatments include manual and manipulative therapy, therapeutic exercise, sciatica treatment and spinal decompression therapy.

Top Chiropractic Offices

Top Practices in London, ON
  • At North London Chiropractic Clinic, they are proud to offer a wide variety of services: chiropractic, registered massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, contemporary acupuncture, yoga, and orthotics. Dr. Tina Cinicolo, the chiropractor of the clinic, uses many adjusting techniques such as diversified, flexion-distraction and the sacro-occipital technique. She also performs soft-tissue techniques such as MRT (Muscle Release Techniques).
  • The team of London Ontario chiropractors of Back to Health – Dr. N. James Harvey, Dr. Shawna Green and Dr. Chris Harvey focus on providing the best possible care for your muscle, joint and nerve conditions. They are patient focused and pride themselves on personalized wellness plans for every patient. They offer a holistic suite of health care services including chiropractic care, registered massage therapy, and clinical acupuncture.
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Top Practices in Barrie, ON
  • Dr. Christy Inglis & Dr. Jen Dickieson, the chiropractors of Barrie Family Chiropractic perform a full range of services to alleviate pain, swelling, tension or an altered movement patterns that are abnormal for joints. They diagnose and treat conditions related to the nervous system that affect the function of your body. They also feature massage therapy and a unique specialty called animal chiropractic!
  • Café of Life Barrie Family Chiropractic Studio uses a variety of techniques to adjust the spine and remove interference to the nervous system. It is their mission to enhance your well-being through chiropractic care and provide education on the body's intelligence and healing potential. Depending on the age, size, chiropractic findings and client preference, they use different adjusting approaches with each person.
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Top Practices in Brampton, ON
  • BodyFix Health and Wellness Spa is your one-stop health and wellness emporium. This chiropractic Brampton centre offers the following: registered massage therapy, Thai massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, Shiatsu, reflexology, and private training and instruction. They have so many individual workout options available. Aside from the specialties, they offer Yoga or Pilates, Zumba Fitness sessions and boot camp programs.
  • Dr. Gidda Chiropractic is one of the best Brampton chiropractic clinics in the area. He firmly believes that health is a complete balance of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. As a Brampton chiropractor, he offers treatment intervention using non-invasive methods that help the client to live a life free of pain and discomfort. He targets the root cause of the problem and provides individual regimens that produce optimal results.
  • Owned by a Brampton chiropractor, Triloka Psychology & Integrative Health Centre has been providing the community with well-programmed treatments that help them discover their path to proper wellness. This Brampton chiropractic clinic consists of a team of qualified and registered health professionals who can tackle a variety of treatments that are also customized to cater to each client's requirements.
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Top Practices in Kitchener, ON
  • Patients have made this their chiropractor destination for family healthcare for 21 years. Chiropractors in Kitchener, Adam Brookes and Dr. Sharon Goodyear, are dedicated to preventing spinal complications in addition to treating existing conditions. Activator Methods®, Thompson and CBP® are the primary adjusting techniques they use to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference.
  • Chiropractor Kitchener Waterloo – Reinhardt Chiropractic Health Centre is a multidisciplinary centre providing chiropractic (using diversified, drop table and activator techniques), custom orthotics and gait analysis, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, and certified athletic therapy. While practicing general health and wellness, they also have concentration on sports injuries, WSIB (work injuries), and motor vehicle injuries.
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Top Practices in Hamilton, ON
  • Mason Health Centre has a Hamilton chiropractor that offers a non-invasive treatment centred around the neuromusculoskeletal system of their patients. One of the services that they offer is massage therapy which helps in the circulation of oxygen in the body, along with the other nutrients needed. Orthotics is another one of the services that they offer, especially for people who are suffering discomfort from foot pain and imbalance.
  • Hamilton Chiropractor, Alan Starcevic leads Varga Chiropractic. They will help you get the best way to achieve optimum health the natural way, without the need to resort to expensive medical prescriptions. They make use of proper education in terms of diet and exercise in order to attain and healthy lifestyle. Services cover conditions like a sore back, osteopathy, and other back problems. Offering quality but affordable chiro treatments.
  • At Physiomed, feeling better is just the beginning. Our package of combining rehabilitative chiropractic treatment with proactive clinical conditioning is guaranteed to treat the root cause of a condition and prevent it from coming back. Our dedicated team includes a chiropractor, Registered Massage Therapist and Physiotherapist who work together to come up with the best treatment for your aliments.
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Top Practices in Markham, ON
  • Dr. Tammy Yuen, founder of Abundant Life Health Centre, is a chiropractor in Markham who is passionate about promoting healthy living. She uses her skills to aid everyone she meets from the acute and chronic injuries they face. At her clinic, your health is her team’s focus. They strive to ensure their patients are comfortable at all times – from the moment you enter the reception area until the moment you check-out.
  • If you are suffering from headaches, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, numbness or tingling, or upper back pain, then Elite Care Markham Chiropractic can help you. Dr. Zunaid Kagdi, as a structural correction chiropractor, he focuses on correcting the structural integrity of the spine that will ultimately reduce the pain and symptoms. They can also help conditions like allergies, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, and much more.
  • Chiromedics Health Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that is committed to improving healthcare integration and accessibility for communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Their highly trained Markham chiropractors and therapists adhere to a patient-centred, evidence based model, through which they deliver the most innovative and effective treatment strategies in the field of physical medicine and wellness.
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Top Practices in Burlington, ON
  • Burlington Natural Health Centre is a great chiropractic clinic located conveniently on Brant Street. They offers a wide variety of services and procedures including spinal decompression, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, nutritional counselling and much more. This health and wellness centre offers a family-friendly environment for anyone looking for a chiropractor in burlington.
  • The Halton Integrative Women’s Health Centre is the first women’s health chiropractic Burlington. Founded and directed by Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury, HIWHC reflects a team of Burlington chiropractic health professionals specializing in a vast array of women’s health concerns, special interest in fertility issues, pregnancy care, PMS, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, menopause, and menstrual irregularities.
  • Health From Within is one of the best Burlington family chiropractic clinic. Families choose their clinic because they want a natural approach to better health. Their Burlington chiropractor team offers a place that can, not only help with aches and pains, but also guide families and give them the tools needed to live an exceptionally healthy and fulfilling life. Their office enjoys high levels of patient satisfaction.
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Top Practices in Guelph, ON
  • Dr. Luke Boudreau, DC is a chiropractor in Guelph who is part of CareWell Health Group. He works collaboratively to provide the best comprehensive health care possible. To assure exceptional service, he remains active in research on chiropractic. This Guelph chiropractor focuses on personalized patient care​, taking note of what the patient needs and prefers. His great compassion combined with his advanced skills make him the chiropractor to see.
  • Forward Health has some of the best chiropractors in Guelph. The services in this chiropractic clinic start with a proper assessment so as to properly target the problem and then transition to the various chiropractic treatments. It doesn't stop there. They also offer a wide array of products to work together with the therapy and offer the best solutions for the patient. All of these are carried out by a team of Guelph chiropractors.
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Top Practices in Cambridge, ON
  • Franklin Physiotherapy, Massage & Orthotics, Inc extend a wide variety of services to meet your wellness need. With some of the best chiropractors in Cambridge Ontario along with a lineup of highly educated physiotherapists and registered massage therapists, they are committed to producing the best health care in the region. Whether you're looking for scoliosis treatment or just a regular chiropractic adjustment, they can help.
  • Walker Chiropractic Office relieves the effects of poor health and corrects the cause. This Cambridge chiropractic centre understands that not everyone is fully informed on the proper chiropractic care, and this results in weak or injured bodies. As chiropractors, these doctors will restore their patients' optimal health. They focus on the vertebral spine and how it can affect a person's body. Misalignments are quickly dealt with.
  • Peak Performance Health Centre has a team of credentialed, amiable staff including chiropractors, registered massage therapists and acupuncturists focused on constantly improving benefits of chiropractic care. Maintaining inter-personal relationships with other health care providers to better serve not just the patients but the community as well, they have also gained a reputation for neuromusculoskeletal condition expertise.
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Top Practices in Aurora, ON
  • Momentum Chiropractic & Sport Therapy houses a highly skilled Aurora chiropractor, offering the utmost quality of care through a state of the art facility and in a friendly and inviting environment. The clinic renders complete massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, naturopathy, holistic nutrition, athletic sports therapy and physiotherapy made available for individual or integrated programs to help ever patient get better.
  • Armata Health Centre is your best answer to back pain, chronic repetitive injuries, headaches or if you just want to feel like your best self with their wide range of treatments and facilities. The centre offers aurora family chiropractic services, massage, acupuncture, naturopathy, orthotics, non-surgical spinal decompression, SpiderTech taping, athlete care and compression stockings to assist you in the restoration of pain free healthy living.
  • Elevate Chiropractic is an Aurora chiropractic clinic that has been in business since 2000. Its chiropractors believe that health is the most valuable thing that anyone could have. This is why restoring clients' health for a better life is their goal. They offer various services, including acupuncture for back pain. By getting their services, people can say goodbye to their injuries.
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Top Practices in Etobicoke, ON
  • Valentino Chiropractic Clinic is a trusted chiropractor in Etobicoke that provides accessible and equitable service to anyone who is in need of quality chiropractic care. The clinic offers a variety of services, such as one-on-one personalized care, pediatric care, pre- and postnatal care, ear candling, and specialized treatments for automobile accident injuries and sports injuries, such as whiplash.
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Top Practices in Ajax, ON
  • We’re a family oriented practice and offer both relief and wellness care. Our mission is to help you and your family achieve total wellness. Many patients begin care in our office with a specific health concern and then quickly learn that chiropractic is all about optimal health and wellness. Regular chiropractic care gets you well faster and helps you stay well longer. Chiropractic care is safe and gentle. It is based on the fact that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve stress, and allow your nervous system to function optimally
  • Please email us at or call at 905 683 8695 to book appointments
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