Let us help you find the perfect optometrist

Arinder Basra

Let us help you find the perfect optometrist


Dr. Dianne Powell and Dr. Arinder Basra
2002-20 Kingsbridge Garden Circle
Mississauga, Ontario
S M Springdale Dental Centre
2260 Bovaird Dr 120, Suite 119
Brampton, Ontario
Laurier Optical
6055 Mavis Road, Suite 3
Mississauga, Ontario

Languages Spoken

English Hindi Urdu French

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  • Reviewed on November 18th, 2013  •  Verified patient
    I am very proud of this doctor who took her precious time and detected an eye disease earlier for my son and sent him to the eye specialist/surgeon. He could have lost his eye sight if it wasn't for her. I am very thankful for this doctor and have high regards for her. May God bless her with all the happiness and may all her wishes come true! We need these type of doctors in this world who take their time to do it right! From an obliged mother!
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