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William Jacob completed his 3.5 year post-graduate Advanced Diploma of Podiatric Medicine at The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in Toronto, Ontario. Before becoming a chiropodist, William graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelors of Science Degree. William has gained extensive clinical experience at Durham Podiatry Associates, Scarborough, Injury Rehab Centre, Michener Sherbourne Chiropody Clinic, Toronto General Hospital, York Community Services, West Toronto Foot & Ankle Clinic, Toronto Rehabilitation Hospital, St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital, and LAMP Community Health Centre. In his spare time, William enjoys watching the Blue Jays and volunteering as a leader with the Young Adults Ministry at his church.

Why should patients choose you as their provider instead of others in the area?

I genuinely care about my patients, and I am knowledgeable with current treatment methods. Having trained for 3.5 years only on the feet, I am able to give you an accurate and honest assessment of your feet. I use best practices and I am never pushy. I take the time to actually explain what is going on with their feet, and I make sure my patients are comfortable and informed with the treatment method. Very often, my patients will come and tell me, "I have never had it explained to me like this before!"

What are the top 3 treatments that you focus on?

As a trained chiropodist, I am able to treat all aspects of the feet, but if I were to choose 3: 1. Custom Orthotics I love puzzles, and understanding the complicated biomechanics of how you walk is like solving a puzzle. I prescribe orthotics that will actually correct underlying biomechanical issues, not just accommodate problems. I do not make any compromises in the casting techniques and quality of the custom orthotics: I take the impression of the feet in a non-weight bearing position and hold a patient's foot in a neutral corrected position using a 3D Laser Scan, and I use a premier certified orthotic lab. And of course, I provide free orthotic check-ups and adjustments because I really do stand behind my prescription. 2. Ingrown Toenail Surgery I am able to permanently correct ingrown toenails through a minor soft-tissue surgery, and the toenail will still look like a normal toenail as I only remove a sliver of a toenail. I am able to perform most surgeries in less than 30 minutes, and patients are able to drive home and resume normal activities. I include check-ups and make myself available via phone or email should you have any concerns after the surgery. 3. Pediatrics I have a passion for families, and especially for children who may be experiencing pain. When I was younger, I wanted to be a pediatrician, so I am always excited when I get to help a young person feel better.

What are you proud of in your practice?

I do not waiver in the integrity of my practice in terms of billing and best practices. I have set up an environment that is centered on patient education and good bedside manners. I am on schedule for most of my appointments because I don't like to wait myself! I try my best to schedule enough time for each patient so as to minimize wait times.

Which cases do you enjoy treating? Why?

I love puzzles and embrace challenges. When a patient comes to me and tells me that they have been to many other doctors and clinics and no one has been able to make them feel better, I am glad that they have found their way into my practice because I am able to provide new insight. When I make these patients feel better, they are the most grateful and I find this aspect of my job rewarding. Also, my pediatric patients are my other favorite. When a pedatric patient comes in and their parent tell me that they are experiencing pain, my heart goes out to them because it is not normal for children to be in pain! Children always bring a positive attitude to the clinic and I enjoy forming bonds with families.

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