Find the top-rated Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in Toronto

Foundation Physiotherapy

383 Front St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 3S8
If one is searching for the topmost RMT Toronto downtown has today, then Foundation Physiotherapy is the right place to look. Massage therapy provided by its expert therapists involves skilled manipulation of soft tissues to bring about pain reduction, elimination of discomfort, and total body healing. Patients suffering from muscle spasms, neck/back pain, stress, or sports-related injuries will surely benefit from the therapy this clinic offers.

Step Up Massage & Rehab - Adelaide

218 Adelaide Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5H 1W7
Rediscover relaxation with the help of some of the best Toronto RMTs from Step Up Massage & Rehab. This clinic has been helping a lot of people by providing effective massage therapy services for quite some time now. Its massage therapists practice under a model of care that is based on patient-centered care, evidence-based research and professional expertise. Check out their great RMT reviews in Toronto.

Athlete's Care Yorkville

162 Cumberland Street, Suite 222, Toronto, ON M5R 1A8
Athlete's Care Yorkville is a Toronto RMT that provides quality care for sports and recreational injuries. The patients are assured to get the best care from orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors, physiatrists, as well as naturopathic doctors in this RMT in Downtown Toronto. Schedule an appointment at this clinic to be examined and treated by their registered massage therapist. Each treatment is guaranteed to produce pain-free results.

Accept Wellness

120 Carlton Street, Suite #210, Toronto, ON M5A 4K2
Accept Wellness is a well-noted Toronto RMT health and wellness therapy clinic with services that provide highly specialized massage therapy for pain- and discomfort causing disorders, stiff joints, sore muscles, sports injuries, and other neuromusculoskeletal impairments. With professionals having good RMT Toronto reviews, patients can be assured that they are taken cared of skilled and efficient practitioners.

Integra Health Centre

130 King Street West, Suite 1320, Toronto, ON M5X 1K6
Integra Health Centre provides message therapy Toronto residents appreciate. The center provides comprehensive and the best RMT in Toronto that fits its clients' lifestyles. Some of the rehabilitation and wellness services offered include chiropractic care, osteopathy, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, naturopathic medicine, custom orthotics, nutritional counseling, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and more.

Rebalance Sports Medicine (Yonge & Adelaide)

110 Yonge Street, Suite 905, Toronto, ON M5C 1T4
Rebalance Sports Medicine is a multidisciplinary facility that provides health services to aid patients with active lifestyles recover from pain and injuries quickly. This center's Toronto RMTs are well trained to assess patients and to provide advanced deep tissue and myofascial manipulation techniques to provide quick and lasting relief. In this RMT Toronto clinic, the therapists are licensed by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Athlete's Care York Mills & Leslie

801 York Mills Rd, Suite 103A, Toronto, ON M3B 1X7
Athlete's Care York Mills & Leslie is famously known for its unparalleled RMT in Toronto. While this clinic offers services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, and sports medicine as well, its massage therapy stands out. Since 1997, Athlete's Care has helped athletes and active people to return to sports and even excel in activities thanks to its high-quality and effective care. Its RMT gently relaxes the body and readies it for active lives.

The Well of Alternative Medicine

1344 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6K 1L4
The Well of Alternative Medicine caters to patients who want to relieve pain, stress, and just help their bodies relax. This renowned RMT Toronto keeps client care in the center of their philosophy. Every step of patients' appointments is dedicated to helping clients find relief for their stressed bodies. However, said Toronto RMT does not just address relief, but also rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement of overall physical functions.

My Treatment Space

901 King Street West, East Tower - suite 400, Toronto, ON M5V 3H5
One RMT in Toronto which should rightfully be proud of its specialized massage therapy is My Treatment Space. At this Toronto RMT, clients are the top priority. Clients deserve an unwavering commitment to good quality service from this clinic’s therapists, which they readily give. These therapists promise that their massage therapy will relax muscles, increase flexibility, and speed up recovery, among other benefits.

Osteo Tuina

4789 Yonge Street, Suite 1202, Toronto, ON M2N 0C8
Osteo Tuina is a registered massage therapist in Toronto that offers a unique kind of massage known as traditional Chinese tuina massage. This Toronto RMT also offers TCM acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and manual osteopathy. As everyone experiences stress and pain discomforts, the goal of this massage therapist is to aid the client's healing process. Look up this RMT and experience the best oriental massage in Toronto.

Biodynamics Toronto

542 Mount Pleasant Road, Suite 201, Toronto, ON M4S 2M6
Biodynamics is a professional RMT Toronto center specializing in various services. They have a well-experienced RMT, Susan Patterson, who can offer one of the best RMT Toronto treatments such as acupuncture, natural medicine, medical massage, osteopathy, and so much more. This registered massage therapist also takes pride in providing her clients with quality health care services at affordable rates.

Therapeutic Solutions Wellness Studio

19A Oak Street, Toronto, ON M9N 0A4
Choosing the best wellness clinic with good RMT reviews Toronto has today can be a challenging task. But with Therapeutic Solutions Wellness Studio, a premier Toronto RMT center, this task becomes easy as it offers top-of-the-line treatment modalities specially designed to match the individual needs of patients afflicted with stress, injuries, fractures, muscle spasms, and other neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Athlete's Care Yonge and Sheppard

5095 Yonge Street, Empress Walk - Ground Floor, North York, ON M2N 6Z4
Athlete's Care Yonge & Eglinton is equally excellent in overall healthcare. It has some of the best chiropractors, physiotherapists, and RMT in Toronto. While this clinic includes many services, massage therapy stands out. Its RMTs gently relaxes the body and quickly readies the patient's body for daily active life. This clinic promises to deliver high-quality and highly-effective personalized treatment for each patient.

Body & Soul Massage Therapy - Toronto Location

2195A Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6S 1N2
Situated in a warm and relaxing setting, Body & Soul Massage Therapy is a state-of-the-art wellness facility offering highly specific massage therapy techniques. This facility allows their clients choose the gender of their therapists as it has some of the topmost female and male RMTs Toronto has today. To relieve pain and stress, recover from injuries, and achieve total recovery, it offers Swedish, couples, and hot stone massage.

Medical Massage Boutique Award Winning Clinic

1834 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON M4C 1H8
Medical Massage Boutique is home to a registered massage therapist who offers a variety of services. Their RMT specializes in assessment and treatment of pain and physical injury as well as wellness and relaxation therapy services. This center is considered to have the best RMT in Toronto who are committed into providing patients with utmost care and wellness services such as acupuncture, osteopathy, Thai massage, and more.

The Spa Intercontinental

225 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2X3
The Spa Intercontinental is a health and wellness center specializing on various therapeutic treatments such as acupuncture, medical massage, osteopathy, and so much more. RMT Toronto Robert Kilmer is joined by other professionals in this health and wellness center. This RMT in Toronto has been a practitioner for several years and continues to provide its clients with top-notch quality services at affordable rates.

Satori Health & Wellness

33 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2E3
Satori Health & Wellness is the leading authority in massage therapy that helps patients recover from injury and stress with the aid of a registered massage therapist in Toronto. Front lined​ by the best RMT downtown Toronto has today, this health and wellness facility is able to provide exceptional services to address various musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Primarily, it offers Swedish massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, and prenatal massage.

Cranial Therapy Centre

2 Carlton Street, Suite 1004, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3
Cranial Therapy Centre is Mary Margaret Heron's haven, who is a professional RMT in Toronto. She specializes in various health and wellness services that help ease tension in the body. These come in the form of acupuncture, movement therapy, therapeutic massage, and so much more. Toronto RMT Mary Heron is also is joined by other professionals in this health and wellness center. In addition, this clinic provides services at affordable rates.

Catalyst Health

101 Yorkville Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5R 1C1
From the name itself, Catalyst Health is a health and fitness boutique whose aim is to hasten patients' total recovery process. Those looking for the finest massage therapist Toronto presently has should try this modern Toronto RMT center. Its massage therapy specialty provides a long list of health benefits to patients from different age groups especially in terms of relieving pain, eradicating stress, treating injuries, and enhancing mobility.

Spring Wellness Clinic

1560 Yonge St, Unit 214, Toronto, ON M4T 2S9
A massage therapy clinic with a highly regarded massage therapist from Toronto, Spring Wellness Clinic aims for general health maintenance and optimum health for all clients. Located conveniently in the heart of Midtown Toronto, this clinic provides top-of-the-line services via the latest technologies. With excellent RMT Toronto reviews, clients are assured they are provided with only the best in quality when it comes to massage therapy.

The Physio & Massage Institute Ltd.

6 Brentcliffe Road, Toronto, ON M4G 3Y2
When in search for that superior therapeutic experience provided by only the best massage therapist Toronto has, go to the leading massage therapy clinic. A premier massage therapy center with a trusted and recommended RMT in Toronto, The Physio & Massage Institute Ltd. offers only the best quality in massage therapy techniques to achieve wellness for all clients seeking for relaxation and the best of health.

Lily Massage Clinic

385 Silver Star Blvd, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M1V 0E3
Lily Massage Clinic has a professional and registered Toronto RMT who offers expertise in treating muscle and skeletal conditions. As Toronto's choice for high-quality massage therapy treatment, and with excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this center for massage therapy maintains its good reputation by making sure that clients get what they deserve. So when wanting a great massage or body scrub, this clinic is a worthy choice.

Aches Away Toronto Massage Therapy

2 Carlton St, Suite 707, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3
Aches Away Toronto RMT Massage Therapy, a registered massage therapy clinic with the trusted and recommended RMT in downtown Toronto, offers a wide array of services that include, but are not limited to, posture improvement, myofascial treatment, and massage. Offering only the best in quality when it comes to massage therapy techniques, this clinic is one of the go-to massage therapy centers in downtown Toronto.

Yonge & Davisville Therapy

2409 Yonge Street, Suite 304, Toronto, ON M4P 2E7
A premier massage therapy clinic where clients can find a highly commended massage therapist in Toronto, Yonge and Davisville Therapy offers top-of-the-line services for all massage therapy needs. With quality services and with excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic takes pride of its provision of research-based techniques via the latest technologies. With comprehensive approaches, this clinic aims in promoting optimum health and wellness.

Prime Health Massage Therapy & Chiropractic Clinic

6 Adelaide St E, Suite 230, Toronto, ON M5C
When in search for the best RMT in Toronto that caters to all massage therapy and chiropractic needs, Healing Hands Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Clinic is the right place to be. With a team of experts that will surely address all clients' concerns, this clinic takes pride in its state-of-the-art techniques using the latest technologies. Services offered include Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage, and shiatsu.

Esu Massage Therapy

390 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1X4
If looking for a massage therapist in Toronto that caters to all concerns as regards body wellness, go to the trusted and highly recommended clinic in Toronto. Esu Massage Therapy is a premier massage therapy facility that offers a wide array of massage therapy services through state-of-the-art technologies. With well-trained experts and with excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic is one of the top choices for clients.

Mind Body Flow in Yorkville

1200 Bay Street, Suite 1200, Toronto, ON M4W 1J2
Mindbody Flow, Toronto is a registered massage therapy center where one can find a highly skilled massage therapist in Toronto. Located conveniently in the heart of Toronto district, this clinic boasts of its welcoming and relaxing clinic environment in addition to a line of well-rounded professionals. Highly visited with excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic is considered as one of the go-to clinics for all massage therapy concerns.

Ava's RMT Centre

2323 Bloor Street West, Suite 201, Toronto, ON M6S 4W1
Ava's RMT Centre is a highly recommended massage therapy center where clients can find the trusted and leading massage therapist in Toronto. With excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic takes pride in its comprehensive treatment regimen that suits best for all client needs. Top-of-the-line services offered include, but are not limited to, massage therapy, myofascial techniques, and shiatsu and acupuncture.

Riverdale Shiatsu

320 Danforth Avenue, 202c, Toronto, ON M4K 1N8
When wanting to experience the best when it comes to zen shiatsu therapy and Swedish therapeutic massage, Riverdale Shiatsu is the right place to be. With an expert massage therapist with excellent RMT Toronto reviews, clients are offered only the best in quality when talking about massage therapy techniques and shiatsu therapy. With a welcoming environment and smiling staff, clients are always ensured of a quality visit.

Insight Naturopathic Clinic

550 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON M4P 1N4
Providing a comprehensive approach when treating all clients' complaints, Insight Naturopathic Clinic, with a highly commended massage therapist with good RMT Toronto reviews, provides top-of-the-line massage therapy approaches through the use of the latest technologies. With a team of highly skilled professionals that will surely cater to all client needs, this center is the go-to clinic in Toronto.

Nouvelle Maria Spa

37 King Street East, Mezzanine Level, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9
Nouvelle Maria Spa is a premier massage therapy center in the luxurious King Edward Hotel that offers a European-style massage experience. With a highly skilled massage therapist holding very good RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic takes pride of its spacious, relaxing, and soothing clinic atmosphere that will surely make every client's experience worthwhile. This clinic provides its services through the latest technology.


2401 Yonge St., Suite 205, Toronto, ON M4P 3H1
For all fertility and women concerns, go to the leading massage therapy center in Toronto that offers outstanding massage therapy services. With a highly skilled RMT in Toronto downtown, Acutoronto is the answer to all concerns on women's health and wellness. With the passion of providing the best of health for all women, this clinic is the top choice for clients seeking quality wellness experience.

Harbord Massage Therapy

181 Harbord Street, 3 Top Floor, Toronto, ON M5S 1H5
Specializing in deep tissue massage for the improvement and achievement of optimum wellness, Harbord Massage Therapy, where a client can find a highly skilled massage therapist in Toronto, believes in the comprehensive approach in promoting health and wellness. Also with a highly commended RMT in Toronto, this clinic takes pride in its exemplary techniques in the provision of massage therapy treatments.

Infinite Healing

19 Haley Court, Vaughan, ON L4J 6A3
An experienced and highly trusted massage therapy center, Infinite Healing, houses a highly skilled massage therapist in Toronto having superior RMT Toronto reviews. It offers a wide array of services suitable for all clients' needs. With techniques and approaches tested through the many years of practice, this clinic is one of the go-to centers in Toronto. Services offered include deep tissue and relaxation massage and myofascial techniques.

Natural Healing Health Centre & Spa

884 A Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C 2B6
When looking for a quality massage therapy experience from a highly skilled RMT in Toronto, Natural Healing Health Centre & Spa is the right place to be. With exemplary RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic offers a wide range of services that will surely bring that relaxing, soothing feeling. This clinic provides only the best in quality when it comes to massage therapy approaches through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Tuina Shifu

403 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON M5T 1G6
From the traditional Chinese medicine comes the tuina, a highly treasured way of Chinese healing that only those who have studied it can perform treatments. If in search for an RMT in Toronto with good RMT Toronto reviews and highly skilled in tiuna, Tuina Shifu is the place to go. Performing various tiuna techniques to treat disorders and imbalances, this clinic is the go-to place for clients who seek to experience Chinese medicine at its best.

Liberty Clinic

657 Yonge St suite 200, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9
For that massage therapy experience every client truly deserves, go the trusted massage therapy center with the best RMT in Toronto. A premier clinic in the Toronto district, Liberty Clinic offers services including massage therapy, mesotherapy, chiropractic services, acupuncture, and shiatsu. With excellent RMT Toronto reviews, this clinic is always on the top list for clients who are wanting to achieve optimum health state.