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Rachelle Tinio


The fast pace of modern life sometimes distracts us from identifying the messages the body sends regarding its well being. Come see us! The therapists at Esu Massage Therapy are keen to help relieve your stress and Pain. All our Therapists are well trained therefore they have the skills in designing a treatment plan specific to your goals. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to help you reach your health goals. Our in house slogan is: we live to make your life better. The staff at Esu understands that Massage Therapy is essential in maintaining your well being. As an added value to our clients, we share our knowledge of these lifestyles with you while helping you on your journey to maintain or achieve clarity of mind, strength, flexibility of body, and harmony with spirit. Esu Massage Therapy is the number one choice for Toronto's elite. When you become a client of Esu Massage Therapy you are always under the care of a trusted professional. Our purpose is to make your life better because we are in it.

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