Top Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Clinics in Mississauga, ON

Here are the winners of our 2014 Patients’ Choice Awards for Physiotherapy in Mississauga, which honours each city’s most outstanding healthcare clinics. To get a complete picture of every clinic, we analyzed hundreds of patient reviews and professional records from multiple sources to objectively determine the winners. From ankle sprains to stroke rehabilitation, these clinics have you covered.

  1. 2021 Cliff Road, Mississauga, ON

    A leading physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga, Athlete’s Care has a variety of services ranging from TMJ physiotherapy to sports medicine. Other treatments include ART and medical acupuncture.

  2. 4188 Living Arts Drive, 3, Mississauga, ON

    A top clinic for physiotherapy in Mississauga, Triangle Physiotherapy offers treatment for rehabilitation, sports medicine and sports physiotherapy.

  3. 6981 Millcreek Drive Unit 8, Mississauga, ON

    A great team of physiotherapists that are registered with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Ontario Physiotherapy association and the College of physiotherapists of Ontario.

  4. 333 Lakeshore Rd W, 101, Mississauga, ON

    This team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists are focused on a whole health approach. Treatments of a wide range of conditions are available, from muscular to cardiovascular.

  5. 6610 Turner Valley Rd #103, Mississauga, ON

    One of five Activa physiotherapy clinics in Ontario, the team of physiotherapists at Activa all have 3+ years experience and can treat knee, shoulder and ankle injuries.

  6. 3885 Duke of York Blvd, C210, Mississauga, ON

    Lead by experienced physiotherapists in Mississauga, Square One Physiotherapy services include manual therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound physiotherapy and much more!

  7. 7330 Goreway Drive, 20, Mississauga, ON

    A dedicated physiotherapy team that has treatments ranging from sports medicine to ankle physiotherapy. Other services include: ultrasound, mobility exercises and more!

  8. 5100 Erin Mills Pkwy, E229A, Mississauga, ON

    Lead by Michael Hofstatter, Elite Physio is one of the most experienced clinics in Mississauga. Their services include everything from post-surgery rehab to motor vehicle accident injuries.

  9. 331 Sheddon Avenue, 304, Oakville, ON

    This team has treated over 2,100 patients in mississauga and surrounding areas. Core services range from sports medicine to acupuncture. Specialty services include vestibular rehabilitation and laser therapy.

  10. 1077 North Service Road, 25, Mississauga, ON
    1 review

    Whether you require urgent physiotherapy care or treatment for a recurring condition, you will find the treatment you need at Applewood. They specialize in Mississauga physiotherapy, massage therapy, motor vehicle accident (MVA), sports injuries, work place injury (WSIB), acupuncture, and custom knee braces. At Applewood Sports & Physiotherapy, patients receive high quality care that they can depend on.

  11. 6986 Financial Drive, #3, Mississauga, ON

    Michael Buhay, your physiotherapist Mississauga at Escape 2 Oasis Wellness, works together with a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers to help you reach your health and wellness goals while providing services like physiotherapy exercises. They provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis. They have created a practice that they believe in and choose for their own family members.

  12. 6750 Winston Churchill Blvd, 107, Mississauga, ON

    Alevia Health & Wellness Center is one of the physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga that provides patients with an integration of the most comprehensive, state of the art, holistic healthcare services available, with the highest regard for patient satisfaction, in a friendly, caring environment. Their unique approach to healthcare sets them apart from many other chiropractors and healthcare providers.

  13. 1201 Britannia Road west, 7c, Mississauga, ON
    2 reviews

    A clinic of physiotherapy in Mississauga - ARK Physiotherapy and Pain Relief is committed to providing a high quality, evidence based physiotherapy service. Their goal is to return the individual to the highest functional level available with a focus on individualized treatments, cost containment, and patient satisfaction. Their team comprises of a registered physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, and registered dietician.

  14. 167 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, ON

    Velocity Sports Medicine specializes in sports medicine, injury rehabilitation, and sports conditioning. They have the most qualified personal trainers and sports conditioning specialists that can provide one on one private training, semi-private and group fitness as well as a physiotherapist in Mississauga. Whether it is a need for an exercise program or physical therapy for an injury, they have multiple services to help you reach your goals.

  15. 114 Lakeshore Road West, 1, Mississauga, ON

    Pure Physiotherapy Mississauga is dedicated to providing quality patient-centred care. Their primary focus is using their manual therapy training and the latest evidence-based practice to ensure you have the best service and quickest recovery possible. Their therapists work with you one on one, without any assistants, allowing them to take the time to answer your questions and provide you with a broader understanding of your problem.

  16. 1400 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, ON

    RMR Therapy/Clarkson Sports & Physiotherapy is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary physio Mississauga-based facility with specialty extending into providing top-quality physical therapy. Through the expertise of its Mississauga physiotherapist, this facility is able to provide active physiotherapy services to people suffering from physical limitations due to pain and injuries from sports, work, or accidents.

  17. 1455 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON

    A highly visited and recommended Mississauga physiotherapy clinic, Canadian Institute of Sports Medicine is a renowned sports therapy clinic that offers top-of-the-line sports therapy and physiotherapy services for sports-related injuries and physiotherapy concerns. Providing treatment services using only the latest technologies, this clinic is the top choice for active individuals who are aiming to always stay on top of their game.

  18. 1420 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, 225, Mississauga, ON

    For over 10 years, Dixie Sports and Physiotherapy in Mississauga ensures optimal care that is pain-free. This Mississauga physiotherapy clinic offers personalized treatment plans for conditions like arthritis, back pain, tendon problems, bursitis, car accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and concussions. The clinic's health professionals include registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, and a kinesiologist.

  19. 7895 Tranmere Dr., 17, Mississauga, ON

    One of the highly regarded physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga, Physio Time Health Clinic believes in a comprehensive, personalized care plan for all clients' complaints. Offering a wide array of physiotherapy services from one of the best physiotherapists in Mississauga, this clinic is considered as one of the top choices in the provision of physiotherapy treatments which surely will promote that excellent physiotherapy experience.

  20. 7070 Saint Barbara Blvd, 2, Mississauga, ON
    3 reviews

    For that excellent physiotherapy and chiropractic experience, go to the leading center in physiotherapy in Mississauga. Derry Village Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Center promotes a variety of services to cater to all musculoskeletal complaints. One of the trusted and recommended physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga, this center offers services such as Graston technique, laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and active release technique.

  21. 101 Queensway West, 204, Mississauga, ON

    CBI Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic specializing in the treatment of acute injuries and chronic conditions. To be able to give patients total health care, this physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga has also a plastic surgeon, family doctors, and psychiatrists. The clinic's physiotherapists in Mississauga utilize various strategies for patients to overcome complex physical and behavioral disabilities.

  22. 6460 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON

    Aimed at promoting optimum health and wellness through the use of the latest technologies, Physiomed Erin Mills Inc. is a Mississauga physiotherapy facility that caters to all clients' musculoskeletal complaints. With a team of highly skilled and trusted professionals that also offer services for sports physiotherapy, this clinic is considered as one of the go-to physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga.

  23. 317 Queen Street South, Mississauga, ON

    One of the highly visited physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga, MyHealth Care Centre offers comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment in the provision of physiotherapy services and treatment to achieve every client's optimum health and wellness. With a team of highly skilled and trusted professionals and a welcoming clinic environment, this clinic takes pride of its state-of-the-art services in physio in Mississauga.

  24. 101 Queensway W, #400, Mississauga, ON

    Life Clinic Metabolic M.D. is a Mississauga physiotherapy center that is manned by the top professionals in the provision of state-of-the-art physiotherapy services and innovative techniques. Offering cost-effective treatments not only for musculoskeletal complaints but also for metabolic-related cases, this physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga is the go-to center for individuals who seek to achieve optimum health and wellness.

  25. 1900 Fowler Drive,, Unit 119, Mississauga, ON

    A premier clinic in physiotherapy in Mississauga, Physiomed Van Mills promotes a comprehensive treatment regimen when it comes to all musculoskeletal complaints. Located conveniently at Erin Mills Parkway, this clinic is manned by the leading team of experts that will surely address all clients' cases. This clinic is also considered as one the highly recommended physio clinics in Mississauga due its provision of well-researched treatment plans.

  26. 3355 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON

    Fairview Physio Centre is a center for physiotherapy in Mississauga that offers a wide range of holistic services for all physiotherapy cases. Services offered include, but are not limited to, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. Headed by a trusted and highly skilled physiotherapist in Mississauga Ontario, this clinic takes pride in its research-based approaches that best suit all clients' needs.

  27. 1-3470 Laird Road, Mississauga, ON

    Reflex Medical Centre is a center for physiotherapy in Mississauga that caters to the complaints of members of the entire family. Promoting rehabilitative treatments and innovative approaches, this clinic is considered as one of the leading Mississauga physiotherapy clinics. For all musculoskeletal and physical therapy cases such as sports-related injuries and injuries caused by work hazards, all are covered by Reflex Medical Centre.

  28. 2810 Matheson Blvd E, 100, Mississauga, ON

    A highly renowned Mississauga physiotherapy center, Closing the Gap Healthcare Group offers hands-on, personalized services for all musculoskeletal complaints. Where every client can find a trusted and well-skilled Mississauga physiotherapist, this clinic is known for its provision of research-based treatment regimens using state-of-the-art technologies. With its convenient location, clients will no longer have a hard time looking.

  29. 169 Dundas Street East, 9, Mississauga, ON

    Offering a variety of holistic services for all clients' physiotherapy needs, Mississauga Total Rehabilitation is one of the go-to clinics in Mississauga. A well-commended Mississauga physiotherapy center where clients can find the best physiotherapist in Mississauga, this clinic promotes comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to achieve optimum health and wellness for clients of all ages.

  30. 350 Burnhamthorpe St. east, Mississauga, ON

    One of the top choices of physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga, Athletics Plus provides state-of-the-art services for all individuals who seek to stay on top of their game. As a highly regarded Mississauga physio clinic, in addition to its welcoming environment and friendly staff, this physiotherapy center aims to maintain its reputation by providing only the best in quality when it comes to physiotherapy regimens.

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