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Rosalie graduated with an honors degree in Kinesiology and continued her education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She studied as a medical research intern for neurological disorders at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland USA and here in Toronto at the Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre. While obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic, Rosalie completed certification in Active Release Therapy (commonly known as ART©) and Graston Technique© which have both been used with great success in her chiropractic practice consisting of both professional and recreational athletes alike in addition to common work-related repetitive strain injuries. In 2009, Dr. Ritacco acted as medical consultant & contributing editor for the popular W-Network television series "Eat Yourself Sexy". Acting as medical advisor, Dr. Ritacco enjoyed applying her knowledge of human anatomy & physiology to create successful diet and exercise programs for contestants looking to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. As a competitive dancer, instructor and Disneyland performer, Rosalie has a true passion and understanding for acute and chronic injury treatment and prevention as well as an inherent interest in prescribing comprehensive therapeutic programs for improved health and performance enhancement.